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Laptop with artificial intelligence displayed on screen.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Impacting the Nonprofit Sector

Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) is utilized to streamline nonprofit operations, improve stakeholder engagement, and increase impact.
Woman reviewing a relational database on her tablet.

Understanding Relational Databases & Nonprofit Use Cases

Spreadsheets not cutting it any longer? We break down why relational databases are a solid alternative for nonprofits.
Nonprofit team participating in a ubiquitous language exercise.

The Importance of a Ubiquitous Language for Nonprofit Teams

What is ubiquitous language (UL), and why is it a cornerstone of process improvement and organizational efficiency?
Computer keyboard with bright yellow x button.

Why We’re Leaving Facebook & Twitter

We do our best to support and use platforms that align with our values, and that means swapping them out from time to time.