Davin Green Consulting Group

Strategy, tools, and training for organizations in need.

The Davin Green Consulting Group (dgcg) is a co-operative company that helps empower regional nonprofits and other large community-oriented initiatives.

For over 15 years, we’ve tackled major technical problems in the nonprofit sector. Our nonprofit consulting teams have built dozens of major systems including custom apps, APIs, and databases in use today. We work with both partially and fully dedicated team members, partner agencies, major cloud platform providers, and industry thought-leaders to create impact across diverse communities. We also provide training pathways for career transitions into software design, development, and management.

How our nonprofit consulting teams can help you.

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We develop user-friendly, cost-effective learning and data management systems, time-saving workflow automations, and additional tools to help your organization thrive.


We help uncover areas of improvement and implement a continuous improvement process that fits your budget, resources, and timeline.


We provide tutorials for all of our tools and processes to empower your team from day one. This means you won't have to rely wholly on our team (but we're here if you need us).
"I definitely felt that dgcg cared about our mission and understood the bigger picture. They were patient and equipped us to make the right decisions for ourselves."
Claire Dozier
Director of Operations,
Bearings Bike Works

Is Key

We understand the intricacies of working with a limited budget, team, and/or time frame. 

Honesty is the best policy in making sure each of your requirements are met (or exceeded).

Impact Through

Brand name isn’t always best. We actively research and test out new products, tools, and strategies. 

This allows us to stay ahead of the game and reduce client overhead wherever possible.


Nothing lasts forever, so it’s important to plan for change at each stage of the project. 

Our solutions are designed to be built upon over time, so that they can evolve and grow as you do.


We invest time in people, not just projects. This means that more effort goes into:

Understanding current processes, communicating our solutions, and training team members.

"dgcg really leveraged their resources to help solve our problems. They didn’t seem to have limits...in a positive way! Everything was an opportunity."
Jason Tucker
Senior Director, Meal Services,
Meals on Wheels Atlanta
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